3 limiting beliefs about selling online


Running an online business is quite a unique business model as it is one of the few that allows us to work from home in pajamas or swimsuits halfway around the world. But while it might sound very tempting, entrepreneurship does come with some challenges. I think of being totally responsible for the viability of your business, of having to manage your time and organization without anyone to help us and… of dealing with a mindset that is not always cooperative. I have found that there are 3 mindset shifts you need to make to start generating income online.

3 misconceptions about selling online

“Everything must be perfect”
We tend to think that things have to be PERFECT to be shared. “Want to sell training? Yes, but I would wait until it was perfect to sell it. » The truth is, nothing is ever perfect … Launch your products when they’re ready, not perfect because they never will be. When it comes to offering our creations, we tend to take a lot more time than necessary to market them, because in our eyes there is always something to modify or improve … Unfortunately this kind of thought makes us lose. time and money. Launch your product and improve it later with feedback from your customers. They will be your best judgment in determining if your product requires more work or if it provides as much value as you expect.

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“The amount of work is insurmountable”
As an entrepreneur, you have a lot of responsibilities and it can be quite overwhelming. We have to wear the hat of a business leader, community manager, developer, salesperson … But despite all these things that may seem like a burden, we also have a lot of freedom. We are free to decide when and how we will work, we are free to define the rules of our work and that is a godsend. Having to take on various responsibilities is actually a good thing as it enriches our experience. You learn skills that you wouldn’t even have envisioned without entrepreneurship. Just making the decision to create a product and then market it is a big step, it’s a great adventure to experience.

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«It’s a shame not to sell anything»
The fear of failure can keep us from doing so much. We grew up with this idea of ​​competition, with the idea that in life there are winners and losers but no in-between. Either you succeed in what you set out, or you fail and that marks the end of something. But instead of looking at failures so negatively, think of them as lessons instead. Every mistake you make can teach you something if you take the time to analyze what happened. It can teach you how to develop a better way to sell, to produce, to market … So don’t let the fear of failure or failure keep you from moving forward. You can always do better.
Getting rid of these 3 limiting thoughts takes time and effort, but it can change your entrepreneurial life. As Oprah Winfrey would say «You become what you believe». You have the capacity to change your mindset and therefore your adventure so don’t be shy.